Welcome to the homepage of the Alberding GmbH.

Our business activities cover the development and distribution of:

For GNSS infrastructure operators Alberding GmbH provides reference station data processing, conversion and monitoring tools to guarantee that users always get the highest possible service quality. Our complete solutions comprise web-based software modules for GNSS raw data collection, correction generation and dissemination via the Internet using the Ntrip protocol.

Whether you are planning to control the quality of your positioning system or monitor the deformation of civil and natural structures, Alberding GmbH provides sophisticated software solutions for your control centre. Follow the operation of your sensors in real time, monitor their performance from any location via a web interface. Our automated alarm system will help operators immediately detect status changes and malfunctions.

Alberding GmbH provides hardware and software solutions for agricultural and construction machine operators. A17, a versatile positioning device combines the advantages of an RTK receiver, a GPRS modem and the Alberding PPP or DGNSS processing software. A07, our low cost personal navigation receiver integrates a single frequency, multi-constellation measurement engine with communication modules and the Alberding DGNSS algorithm to provide sub-metre accuracy. Accessing online correction data using our Ntrip Terminal or mobile Java Ntrip Client is easy and straightforward.