A07 - Navigation / Monitoring

Alberding A07 is a low-cost single frequency GNSS positioning system that integrates a multi constellation L1 measurement engine with GPRS and Bluetooth communication modules, an active RFID reader and an embedded processor.

A07 Navigation

A07 has been designed for personal navigation and other sub-metre accuracy positioning tasks in an urban environment. The Alberding DGNSS processing and Kalman filter algorithms take raw GNSS observation data to compute a highly accurate position solution in real time. Position information can then be transmitted via Bluetooth to custom specific applications running e.g., on smartphones. As an example, the A07 can assist blind or visually impaired people with orientation and navigation on the streets. The integrated RFID reader can be used as an indoor navigation aid in warehouses and shopping malls.

A07 Monitoring

Monitor the location of your assets or transported goods. The receiver can automatically report its position through mobile Internet connection. A07 also supports central data processing. Raw observation data can be sent to a computing centre, where accurate position as well as other GNSS derived information (e.g., atmospheric parameters) can be determined using sophisticated algorithms. The A07 is equipped with a motion sensor and can be used as a cost-effective tool for displacement monitoring and alarming.

Some selected Features:
  • Low-cost GNSS receiver providing sub-metre accuracy in obstructed environments.
  • Tracking of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS and SBAS L1 signals.
  • Integrated or external GNSS antenna.
  • Supports RTCM format DGNSS corrections via Ntrip.
  • DGNSS processing algorithm with integrated Kalman filtering.
  • Supports wireless communication via GPRS and Bluetooth.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Low power consumption.