Autonomous A07-Monitoring

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System Description

The autonomous A07 monitoring system consists of an A07-MON sensor with external L1 GNSS antenna, a solar power supply with batteries and a robust weather protection box. The solar power supply was designed in such a way that the A07-MON is sufficiently supplied with power even in the winter.

The weather protection box comes with connectors for the solar panels (2 x 30W), the external GSM antenna and the GNSS antenna. For the connection of external sensors (such as a weather station or geotechnical sensors) further connectors can be added. In order to differentiate shifts of bar tilting, a two-axis tilt sensor can be installed in the weather box.

The combination of autonomous field sensors with automated data analysis on a server (AMoS) has set new standards in GNSS monitoring. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workforce, the autonomous A07 monitoring system can replace the time-consuming levelling of individual points.

A07-MON Key features:

  • Easy installation through pre-configured data transfer.
  • Robust design with weather protection box and sealed connectors.
  • Autonomous operation with solar power supply.
  • Common storage and transfer of GNSS raw data and external sensor measurement data.
  • Cost efficiency through the use of low-cost GNSS modules.
  • Automated central data analysis with the AMoS software.