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The Alberding A07-RTK is a powerful and cost-effective L1 GNSS multi-constellation receiver for sub-decimetre accurate real-time positioning and wireless data transfer. Together with the Alberding AGIS mapping software it provides a complete solution to surveying and GIS professionals for high accuracy field data collection.


The A07-RTK sensor consists of a multi-constellation L1 RTK GNSS receiver, a GPRS modem, a Bluetooth module, an integrated processor and additional sensors. Depending on the application, the A07-RTK is available with different external GNSS antennas. The power supply of the entire system is provided by a built-in Li-Ion battery. RTCM 3.x corrections are received from a local RTK base station or a GNSS network through the Ntrip protocol. Real-time position data is transmitted to the Alberding AGIS mapping software via Bluetooth. In addition, the position information is stored in NMEA log files on the integrated SD card.

flow chart A07-RTK

The Alberding AGIS mapping software is a professional and user-friendly software with wide-ranging GIS functionalities. It runs on any Android platform (e.g. on your existing smartphone or tablet), therefore there is no need to purchase an expensive, dedicated receiver controller hardware. It stores position data in ESRI shapefiles as points, polylines or polygons. Additional information (e.g. area, length and GNSS quality information) is represented and stored in attribute tables. With the functions Navigate and Tools it is possible to stake out, recover and correct existing points. Existing GIS data (shapefiles) can be imported for this purpose.

Some selected features of the A07-RTK:

Some selected features of the AGIS software:

  • L1 GNSS multi-constellation receiver.
  • Real Time Kinematic (RTK) firmware for accurate positioning.
  • Real-time positioning in the sub-decimetre range.
  • Base and rover functionality.
  • Integrated GPRS modem and Bluetooth module.
  • Integrated GSM antenna.
  • Integrated processor for data management.
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery and SD card.
  • Ntrip server and client functionality.
  • Professional and user-friendly GIS field software for Android.
  • Connection and data transmission via Bluetooth.
  • Support of ESRI shapefile format.
  • Import/export of existing GIS data (shapefiles).
  • Quality control of real-time GNSS position input.
  • Support of taking georeferenced photos.
  • Navigate to/ stake out existing features.
  • Display and storage of length and area measurements.

Further information: