Alberding A07-RTK-S telemetry and positioning system

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System Description

The Alberding A07-RTK-S is designed for accurate real-time positioning and data transmission. It combines an L1 GNSS RTK module, a GPRS modem, a Bluetooth module, a memory card, a LiPo battery and various other components in one housing. The GNSS antenna is connected externally using a cable. The core of the system is an integrated processor with Alberding data management software controlling the sensor components and enabling automated data transfer.

Flexible Configuration

The Alberding data management software on the A07-RTK-S can be configured using the Alberding Configurator application. NMEA position data transfer is defined in the A07-RTK-S in addition to the mountpoint and Ntrip Caster server access details for retrieving RTCM 3.x corrections.

In the standard configuration, the A07-RTK-S receives RTK corrections from an Ntrip Caster and makes the data available for internal processing. The calculated positions can either be stored in the device, transferred to a smartphone or tablet PC via Bluetooth or cable connection or sent to a server via mobile Internet. It is also possible to record raw data for post-processing.

Product selection

The A07-RTK-S is available in Standard and Robust models. The Standard version in a plastic housing can be ordered with an RS232 serial port. This allows position data to be also output via the serial interface or stored internally.

The A07-RTK-S Robust comes in a rugged metal case with a waterproof USB port. By default, the Robust version uses an external GSM antenna and a more powerful battery. The serial RS232 interface is not available for the A07-RTK-S Robust model.

A07-RTK-S Key features:

  • L1 RTK GNSS receiver.
  • Real Time Kinematic (RTK) firmware for precise positioning.
  • Base and rover functionality.
  • Integrated GPRS modem.
  • Integrated Bluetooth module.
  • Integrated processor for data management.
  • Ntrip server and client functionality.
  • Integrated LiPo battery.
  • Data storage.
  • Configurable data transfer.