A07-N-11 GNSS positioning and telemetry system

Product information


System Description

The Alberding A07 is a low-cost single frequency GNSS positioning system that integrates a multi- constellation L1 measurement engine with GPRS and Bluetooth communication modules, additional sensors and an embedded processor. Depending on the application, the A07 is available with different external GNSS antennas. The power supply of the entire system is provided by a built-in Li-Ion battery. Currently, the A07 is offered in four different application modes:

Higher Accuracy through GNSS Raw Data Processing

For higher positioning accuracy, in addition to position, the A07 also delivers GNSS code and carrier phase raw data that is processed together with RTCM corrections by the A07 processor. The DGNSS-corrected positions are transmitted to smartphones or tablet PCs via the Bluetooth interface.

Flexible Configuration

In a standard configuration, the A07 obtains DGNSS corrections from an Ntrip Caster and makes this data available for internal processing. Depending on the system configuration, the DGNSS position computation can also be carried out on an Internet server or on external field devices. This enables a more efficient processing of GNSS measurements.

Monitoring Applications

For sub-centimetre accurate monitoring measurements the A07 is operated in a static mode. The internally stored data files are transferred to an Internet server. The Alberding Monitoring software is used for data conversion (RINEX), measurement data evaluation, processing and visualisation of the results.