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May 2014

Welcome to the May 2014 edition of our Newsletter!

Over the past few months we have been busy working on a variety of exciting developments and we are very pleased to introduce one of them to you.
Alberding-QC is a web-based monitoring software, designed for DGNSS, RTK/network RTK and PPP service providers. It can analyse positioning performance, correction data availability and consistency.
Thank you for your time, and we hope you will find this information useful. If you have any feedback on either the newsletter or any of our products, please contact us by email.

The Alberding team

Professional monitoring solutions for real-time GNSS service providers
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Service provision with high quality is only possible by checking the availability and reliability of the data products. Alberding-QC is a multi-purpose quality control tool designed for the continuous monitoring of real-time GNSS services. It is a modular software that can be used for accuracy and fixing/convergence time analysis, binary data decoding and Ntrip Caster monitoring. Alberding-QC modules are integrated into a web-based graphical user interface, so that service operators can easily access the results, either in the network control centre or anywhere else.

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With Alberding-QC you can make sure that your clients will only receive quality approved GNSS data to perform their positioning tasks at the highest possible level. An automatic alert system guarantees that service operators will be the first to detect malfunctions and performance degradations and not the users. The software generates visual warnings and can be configured to send email and SMS alerts if predefined thresholds are exceeded.

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Alberding-QC's flexible software design allows you to start working with any of the individual software components and upgrade your monitoring system later, when there is a need. The number of monitored data streams and position computations can be easily extended at any time. User-specific software adaptation is one of the strengths of Alberding GmbH. Tell us your special requirements and we will custom tailor our solution to best fit your exact needs.

Alberding GmbH is independent from GNSS receiver manufacturers and is committed to support a wide variety of GNSS products, new and legacy.

Alberding-QC Modules

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RTK-Check is the RTK performance monitoring module. Positioning accuracy and RTK fixing time (TTFA) are checked with this software component at user-defined intervals.
RTK-Check can be used with dedicated monitor station receivers or in a central processing mode, using raw data input and the internal RTK positioning engine.


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InspectRTCM is a GNSS data decoder and content analysis tool. It converts binary input data into human readable text. InspectRTCM supports service operators with in-depth analysis of real-time GNSS data stream contents. With the help of this tool you will be able to detect format problems, missing or corrupt message types or high data delay.


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Checkstream is a professional Ntrip Caster monitoring software. It periodically checks the availability of Ntrip mountpoints on one or more Casters. In addition, it decodes the data streams to detect format problems, missing message types and high data age.


Alberding-QC Features

  • Modular software design, flexible licensing options.
  • No limit of the monitored data streams and position computations.
  • Configuration and monitoring via a single web interface.
  • Automatic email/SMS alerts.
  • Flexible reporting options (PDF, CSV).
  • Continuous development, frequent updates.
  • Adaptations possible for special user requirements.

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