The Alberding Ntrip Caster is a professional GNSS correction management software. With our Ntrip Caster application you can easily and quickly set up your own agricultural RTK correction service.
Ntrip-based RTK corrections provide 2 cm repeatable accuracy and fast initialisation (ready to work in 1 minute) over a large coverage area.

Your Advantages:

  • Independence from third party correction service providers
  • No need for UHF radio transmitters and repeaters
  • Nearest base station auto selection
  • Real-time data format conversion (RTCM, CMR/CMR+, ...)
  • Web-based administration and monitoring
  • High reliability: designed for mass usage
  • Future proof: easily extensible system

RTK Corrections via the Internet

Correction data of one or more RTK base stations is transferred to a server computer in real time. The Alberding Ntrip Caster running on the server manages the incoming data streams, converts the input data to standard formats and provides the corrections to a number of simultaneously connected users via mobile Internet.



Nearest Base Station Selection

The Alberding Ntrip Caster can automatically select the nearest healthy base station to the user. This ensures the highest achievable accuracy and reliability with no user intervention.



Alberding GmbH is an independent German GNSS software development company. Our solutions work with any GNSS receiver hardware. Whatever colour your machine or GNSS receiver is, we will be able to support you.

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