Newsletter 03/2016
Welcome to the March 2016 edition of our Newsletter!

The growing season is here, tractors are ready to work. Is your RTK system too?

We offer you a professional solution to quickly and easily set up your own cm accurate agricultural RTK correction service. The Alberding Ntrip Caster software collects real-time GNSS data from your base stations and broadcasts RTK corrections to your machines over the Internet. Cellular data transmission will significantly extend the service coverage area compared to radio broadcasting. The nearest base station auto-selection feature will optimise service availability and positioning performance while helping machine operators focus on more important tasks.

Your investment is future-proof: you can add more stations and users at any time in the future to expand your local system into a regional cluster. You can provide your RTK corrections to other farmers in your area and become a real service provider. The Alberding Ntrip Caster can handle many base stations and a lot of simultaneously connected users without any problems. Additionally, it is not just a data broadcaster application, it also allows you to monitor your fleet in real-time.

Are you interested? Give it a try before making your decision.

yourownrtk scalable
Be independent and operate your own RTK service

If you have one or more GNSS base stations, we can help you easily turn this infrastructure into an agricultural RTK correction service. In just a few days you can start your own cm accurate positioning system and offer RTK corrections to your neighbours too.

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Pay only for what you need and when you need it

The Alberding Ntrip Caster is a flexible and scalable application. You can use it with a single station or a network of GNSS base stations. You can add more stations and users as your system grows and pay only for what you need and when you need it.

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interface fleet
Manage your system conveniently through a web interface

Manage and monitor your data streams and users easily through a user friendly web interface. Create data availability and usage statistics or download billing information with just a few mouse clicks. Different access levels can be defined to allow service operators to manage their own user groups and base stations.

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Keep track of your fleet and monitor rover performance

The Alberding Ntrip Caster shows the current location of all connected machines in a real-time map view. RTK fixing status information is provided with colour codes. User tracks can be downloaded in KML format for detailed history data analysis. User information can also be exported to an SQL database in real time.

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Your Advantages:
  • Independence from third party correction service providers
  • No need for UHF radio transmitters and repeaters
  • Nearest base station auto selection
  • Real-time data format conversion (RTCM, CMR/CMR+, ...)
  • Web-based administration and monitoring
  • High reliability: designed for mass usage
  • Future proof: easily extensible system

Alberding GmbH is an independent German GNSS software development company. Our solutions work with any GNSS receiver hardware. Whatever colour your machine or GNSS receiver is, we will be able to support you.

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