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March 2013

Welcome to the First Edition of our Newsletter!

Welcome to the first edition of the Alberding Newsletter. This is a regular electronic publication dedicated to keep you updated with our latest software products and services in the field of maritime positioning. Thank you for your time, and we hope you will find this information useful. If you have any feedback on either the newsletter or any of our products, please contact us by email.

The Alberding team

New infrastructure solution for maritime and inland waterway DGNSS service providers

The Alberding is a new software solution designed for the continuous operation of DGNSS services supporting maritime navigation in coastal areas and inland waterways. It is a modular software suite that takes care of all processes within a DGNSS service from data collection, to central processing, integrity monitoring and correction distribution.

monitoring icon introduces a new level of integrity monitoring by using a central Pre-Broadcast Monitoring process and supporting the integration of Far Field Monitoring stations. It can be easily adapted to existing DGNSS installations and individual requirements of the service providers. The web based graphical user interface is a powerful tool for network operators to remotely manage and monitor all system components or even set up a user information service.

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Based on real-time processing of a network of reference stations, virtual differential corrections are generated to provide homogeneous sub-metre accuracy over the whole network coverage area. Alternative positioning techniques (RTK or PPP) can be used to further improve the achievable precision in harbours or at river locks.

Alberding GmbH is independent from GNSS receiver manufacturers and is committed to support a wide variety of GNSS products, new and legacy. Modules

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The Alberding Virtual Reference Station (VRS) software processes raw data from a network of reference stations in real time to generate virtual DGNSS corrections for predefined positions within the coverage area.


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In order to fulfil the requirements of a safety critical system and prevent users from applying erroneous DGNSS data, continuously monitors the quality of the corrections and provides integrity information to the users.


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Correction data distribution is supported via multiple channels:


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As a backup solution, can import and process free SBAS (e.g., EGNOS or WAAS) corrections and convert the data from RTCA to RTCM format. SBAS based RTCM corrections can be generated for user defined locations and rebroadcast via any available data link.

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The user-friendly web interface allows for remote control of all software components and provides access to real-time status information.

more... Features

  • DGNSS correction generation can be separated from the data distribution technology.
  • Commercial off-the-shelf GNSS receivers can be used.
  • There is no need for GNSS receivers at the transmission sites.
  • Homogeneous sub-metre accuracy can be reached over the whole network coverage area. Centimetre accuracy is possible in local hot-spots.
  • Provides improved integrity monitoring functionality.
  • Already supports DGPS and DGLONASS corrections and is prepared for the integration of new satellite constellations (Galileo and BeiDou) and new signals (GPS L5).
  • Through a customisable web interface with different access levels, provides important status information for both system administrators and service users.

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