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Become an RTK service provider! We offer you a complete package consisting of a GNSS reference station and the Alberding Ntrip Caster service.
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Alberding GNSS RTK Reference Station:

EUR 9.995,-

Hardware (purchase):

  • Trimble GNSS receiver (GPS+GLONASS)
    • 220 tracking channels
    • Ethernet port
    • Power adapter and data cable
  • Trimble GNSS reference station antenna with ground plane
    (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) with 10 m antenna cable

Alberding Ntrip Caster Professional Service (rent):

  • 1 year* subscription to the Alberding Ntrip Caster service
  • RTK correction generation (RTCM and CMR)
  • Web interface
  • Reference data monitoring
  • Support of up to 10 users (optionally >100)
  • Map display with RTK fixing status indication
    (depending on the user receiver)
  • Telephone support in the first year

Benefits of renting:

  • Quick access to the service without deep IT knowledge
  • No software installation on site
  • Station installation assistance (e.g. receiver configuration, station coordination)
  • Service operation support
  • Service starts shortly after GNSS station installation

*For the subsequent years, you decide whether you purchase the Alberding Ntrip Caster software and operate it on a separate computer, or continue renting the service. For each additional year, the Alberding Ntrip Caster Service subscription fee is EUR 1.995,-.

Shipping and payment:


All prices are net prices in Euro (valid from stock in Wildau).

Delivery time:

The delivery time of the GNSS hardware is within about 2-4 weeks after receipt of written order.


Within 14 days after delivery. Service will be activated only after full payment of the price. Until full payment the systems remain in our inalienable property.


The special offer is valid until 31 May 2013.

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