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April 2013

New customised solutions for farmers, co-ops and agricultural technology providers

Welcome to the First Edition of our Newsletter!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Alberding GmbH is a privately owned German company that has been engaged with the RTK technology since the early 1990's, and for 10 years it develops its own software solutions for the delivery of RTK corrections. We are independent from GPS/GNSS receiver manufacturers. Our Ntrip solutions are used worldwide.

With our Newsletter we would like to keep you updated with our latest products and services in the field of precision farming. If you have any questions or comments on our products, please contact us by email or phone and use our many years of GPS/GNSS experience to your advantage.

Enter the RTK service market now and profit from our Special Introductory Offer until 31 May 2013!

We look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

The Alberding team

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Become an RTK service provider!

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Farmers and agricultural service providers increasingly use mobile Internet based RTK correction services for centimetre-accurate positioning. RTK correction data broadcasting can be the first step for these service providers to a long-term cooperation in the IT sector. Due to the applied data delivery technology, service providers today already know when, where and how long the agricultural machines of their customers have been operated.


What is the Alberding solution?


In the solution depicted here, measurement data of permanent GPS/GNSS base stations is transferred online to an Internet server. In the heart of the solution is the Alberding Ntrip Caster (ANC) software, running on the server. The Ntrip Caster manages the incoming GNSS data streams, converts the data into standard formats (RTCM 3.x, CMR+,...) and makes this data available to download for different users.


GPS/GNSS base station installation


A GNSS base station is installed on top of a silo or a workshop building at the farm site. The antenna is mounted at a suitable obstruction-free location (on the roof) and is connected to the GNSS receiver with a cable.


Data delivery over the Internet


The Alberding Ntrip Caster (ANC) software runs on the Internet server, which is operated either by you or by Alberding GmbH. This software provides the incoming data streams of the RTK base stations to one or more users. With the server IP address and the credentials (username and password), the users receive access to the RTK corrections.


How can Alberding GmbH support you?


  • Delivery of GPS/GNSS hardware
  • Delivery and installation of the software
  • Assistance in setting up the system
  • Operation of dedicated servers on behalf of the clients
  • Advice and support
  • Special adaptations to customer requirements
  • GNSS and mapping application development
  • ... and much more

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