Newsletter 07/2016
Welcome to the July 2016 edition of our Newsletter!

This summer, we introduce you the all-new Alberding GNSS Status Software, a web-based central monitoring solution developed for GNSS reference station network operators and service providers. This modular software allows for continuous monitoring of your GNSS infrastructure integrity, positioning service performance, and much more.

Are you looking for a hardware manufacturer independent quality control solution?
Our brand-neutral software supports international standard formats and multiple receiver specific binary data formats. The Alberding GNSS Status Software applies the latest geodetic algorithms to check the quality of your observation data and verify the performance of your system.

data_analysis coordinate_stability
Analyse the quality of your GNSS observation data

Real-time input data availability and quality analysis will help you detect communication issues and tracking problems. Indicators, such as data delay, positioning accuracy, number of SVs, DOP, cycle slips, multipath, etc. are provided through graphical and tabular representations.

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Detect reference station antenna movements

Monitor the stability of your reference stations and detect significant antenna displacements automatically. Our precise point positioning (PPP) solution has no baseline limitations and can be used to monitor a single site or a network of reference stations.

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troposphere Alberding-QC
Monitor severe weather events in
real time

The troposphere monitoring module uses a real-time PPP approach to estimate zenith total delay (ZTD) and integrated water vapour (IWV) content. Such information can be used to improve weather forecast and reduce weather-related risks and damages.

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Monitor the performance of your real-time correction service

Alberding-QC is an independent quality control tool with its own web interface. It can be used to monitor Ntrip stream availability and data contents, assess RTK positioning accuracy and fixing time, decode and visualise RTCM, CMR and other GNSS binary data.

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Key features:
  • Secure web interface with password protection and SSL support
  • Data storage in RINEX and raw data formats with automatic FTP push option
  • Automatic email/SMS alarming with customisable warning settings
  • Advanced reporting - scheduled and on-demand PDF and CSV reports
  • Linux server resources monitoring
  • Available as a software licence or service operated by Alberding GmbH

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Thank you for your interest and have a nice summer holiday!

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