Product information

Alberding-QC (AQC) is a flexible configurable software designed for quality control of DGNSS, RTK and PPP services. AQC consists of the Checkstream, RTK-Check and InspectRTCM modules, which can be used individually or together to monitor GNSS services.

Checkstream: Monitors data stream availability and consistency

In order to determine data stream availability, Checkstream connects as a user from an external server to the GNSS service at definable intervals. Current status information and the history over definable time periods are clearly displayed in a colour-coded status table. During the analysis, a distinction can be made between availability during normal working hours and complete availability (24/7).

RTK-Check: Monitors initialization time and accuracy

In order to check the initialisation times and accuracies, RTK-Check connects as a user to the GNSS service at definable intervals, forwards the correction data to a GNSS rover and determines the initialisation time and the accuracy achieved with respect to the reference value. The data is presented clearly in tabular form and in graphical time series. The use of external RTK and PPP algorithms is supported.

InspectRTCM: Monitors data stream content

In order to detect data format problems, InspectRTCM converts binary RTCM correction data into an ASCII-readable data format. The readable data format provides information about the message types contained in the correction data stream and their repetition rate. InspectRTCM helps to solve incompatibilities between RTK sensors with RTK services and to check the continuity of messages.

AQC properties:

  • Configuration and monitoring via a single web interface.
  • Modular software design, flexible licensing options.
  • No limit of the monitored data streams and position computations.
  • Automatic email/SMS alerts.
  • Customised performance reports (PDF, CSV).
  • User specific adaptations.