Alberding A08-MON

Product information

System Description

The Alberding A08-MON sensor combines a precise GNSS module (L1 or L1/L2), a 4G LTE modem, a processor and other components in one housing. Automation of data acquisition and data flow is realized by the integrated Alberding data management software. Data transfer to the server is either file-based or streaming.

Higher Accuracy through GNSS Raw Data Processing

An increase in the sensor's positional accuracy is achieved by evaluating the stored raw GNSS data. Low-cost GNSS receivers are used for monitoring slow movements. For the detection of fast and high-frequency movements, L1/L2 receivers and the RTK method are used. The measurement data is automatically transferred to a server and evaluated, visualized, analyzed and archived with the AMoS software.

Data logger for external sensors

In addition to its own measurement data, the A08-MON can also serve as a data logger for recording external sensors. The sensor measurement data are recorded via the serial RS232 interface, stored internally and transferred to the server with the GNSS measurements. Upon customer request, we have integrated geotechnical and weather sensors, among others.