Alberding A10-RTK

Product information

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System Description

The Alberding A10-RTK sensor is designed for precise satellite positioning system applications. Based on a scalable GNSS L1/L2 board, the A10-RTK supports high performance heading determination using all four GNSS systems.

In addition to an integrated Cortex processor, the A10-RTK sensor has a Linux board, which is used for the integration of application software. Sensor fusion, data conversion, geofencing or geomonitoring algorithms can be run directly on the A10 sensor, so that, for example, alarms can be sent directly from the A10-RTK.

The multi-port connector of the A10-RTK provides various interfaces (serial, USB, Ethernet, CAN bus, etc.) that can be used, for example, for integrating the system on agricultural and construction machinery. RTK positioning, project data transmission and machine data collection - one system for many applications.

A10-RTK Key features:

  • Dual-frequency GNSS board.
  • Integrated storage of RTK positions and raw data.
  • Server/Client communication (LTE module).
  • Integrated Bluetooth module.
  • Integrated Cortex processor for data management.
  • Embedded PC with Linux operating system (optional).
  • Integration of application software.
  • Customisable configuration.
  • Automatic data transfer.
  • Autonomous operation through preconfiguration.