In areas without mobile coverage (e.g. rural areas), some GNSS services are not available in real time. The position accuracy is improved by recording the raw data and evaluating them in post-processing. Alberding GmbH offers a post-processing service so that customers do not have to purchase and familiarize themselves with the corresponding software.

The recorded data of the rovers (raw data) and reference stations are uploaded to the server of Alberding GmbH after the measurement. The evaluation of the measurement data is performed automatically with the Wa2 software from Prof. Wanninger (TU Dresden). The calculation results are made available to the user in definable formats.

Some features:

  • Upload of files containing raw data or RINEX data
  • Automatic RINEX generation
  • Purchasing of precise orbit and clock data if available
  • Determination of overlapping observations by evaluating RINEX headers
  • Baseline processing using Wa2
  • Logging of detailed processing results
  • Flexible configuration of common log file containing all post-processing results