Trimble SPS356

The Trimble SPS356 sensor uses a combined GNSS/Beacon antenna (e.g. Trimble GA830) to receive RTCM correction data from the radio beacons via the integrated beacon receiver. In addition to the DGNSS corrected position, the system provides information about the reception quality of the beacon signal (SNR, WER, field strength) and is therefore suitable as a Far Field Monitoring Station for DGNSS transmissions via radio beacons.

Some selected features:

  • A flexible, modular, DGNSS/Beacon receiver that delivers sub-meter horizontal positioning accuracy for marine applications.
  • Configuration and monitoring function via web interface.
  • 220-channel L1 C/A Code GNSS receiver.
  • 3-channel SBAS supporting WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS Satellite Based Augmentation.
  • 2-channel MSK Beacon receiver.