GNSS correction data

GNSS correction data at its best!

We offer our GNSS correction data service as a service for for GNSS users who operate their own GNSS correction data service (RTK, PPP or DGNSS) or service providers who would like to provide their service via Internet. RTK correction data can be integrated into the system directly from GNSS receivers or indirectly through other services (e.g. SAPOS). All data is available to customers via Internet (Ntrip).

RTK service without your own reference station

New pricing models make official services (e.g. SAPOS in Germany) increasingly attractive, for its use in agriculture and construction. However, the price benefit is contrasted by the absence of support services by the Administrators. Alberding GmbH offers a GNSS correction data service for service providers and end users. On the one hand the request to the external service and the correction data and on the other hand the request of the rovers and the mobile phone connection run through the server Alberding GmbH. The required information (service, correction data, mobile phone connection, rover position) is available at one location for quick identification of possible problems.

Fleet management and lane centimeter-level accuracy

The GNSS system users send their current position in standardized NMEA format with the request to the correction data service. The GNSS correction data service of Alberding GmbH offers the possibility to display the positions of individual users or user groups on the basis of a digital map. This gives agricultural contractors or construction companies an updated overview of the distribution of their fleets. Saving its position data enables tracks to be displayed on a digital map with centimetre accuracy and exported as KML files.