For temporary monitoring tasks or for smaller monitoring projects, we also offer our monitoring software AMoS as a service. Alberding GmbH takes over the installation and operation of the software on rented servers.

The following services are provided:

  • Configuration and setup of the cloud server (operating system, NTP, ...).
  • Monitoring server resources (CPU, memory, disk space, ...).
  • Installation of all necessary software components.
  • Freely selectable subdomain for the domain '' (e.g.
  • SSL-certificate for HTTPS-accesses.
  • Weekly data backup.
  • Update of software packages.
  • Elimination of any troubles.

In combination with our pre-configurable sensors (A08, A10), we have implemented a simple and fast solution from the setup of the measurement points in the field to the result in the web interface. The cost of the service depends on the number of sensors and the required server resources. For further information please contact us.