Alberding GNSS Status Software

The overall quality of a GNSS ground infrastructure and the positioning services built upon it depends on the quality of each of its hardware and software components. System integrity monitoring and quality control play an important role in making a GNSS service successful.

The Alberding GNSS Status software is a central data management, processing and monitoring software suite designed for performance monitoring of GNSS reference networks and positioning services. The software has a modular architecture and a scalable design. It is possible to start with a single-point monitoring system and expand the monitoring area or the complexity of the system later, by adding more GNSS receivers or other sensors. Data management, processing, analysis, visualisation, alarming and reporting functionalities are carried out by separate modules that are easy to add to existing systems. Due to the modular nature of the monitoring system, it is largely customisable to special user requirements.


Alberding EuroNet is the core GNSS data management and processing engine behind the GNSS Status software. EuroNet collects real-time data from GNSS reference stations, Ntrip Casters and other data sources via different communication protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, UDP, Ntrip). It converts receiver binary formats to international standard formats (e.g. RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.x, CMR/CMR+, RTCA, RINEX 2.x, RINEX 3.x). The observation data is used internally or output to other applications for further processing.