A10-RTK rover

The Alberding A10-RTK is a powerful and scalable (from L1 GPS to L1/L2 GNSS RTK) multi-constellation receiver that provides sub-decimetre to centimetre accuracy real-time positioning. Together with the Alberding AGIS Mapping Software it provides a complete solution to surveying and GIS professionals for high accuracy field data collection.

The Alberding A10-RTK can be configured to automatically connect to an Ntrip Caster and download RTK corrections via mobile Internet access. The receiver processes raw measurements together with real-time corrections to compute a highly accurate position solution. Position information can then be transmitted via Bluetooth to custom specific applications running e.g. on smartphones or tablets, via GPRS to a server (see: Alberding GNSS Data Management Software (Ntrip)) or can be logged on the internal SD card.

The Alberding AGIS mapping software is a professional and user-friendly software with wide-ranging GIS functionalities. It runs on any Android platform (e.g. on your existing smartphone or tablet), therefore there is no need to purchase an expensive, dedicated receiver controller hardware. It stores position data in ESRI shapefiles as points, polylines or polygons. Additional information (e.g. area, length and GNSS quality information) is represented and stored in attribute tables. With the functions Navigate and Tools it is possible to stake out, recover and correct existing points. Existing GIS data (shapefiles) can be imported for this purpose.