Autonomous A08-Monitoring

Product information

Application areas of the A07-MON sensor

The Alberding A08-MON sensor is used for the detection of slow changes such as subsidence due to mining influences or the monitoring of embankments. The system is also suitable for the detection of continuous and seasonal movements of structures. The A08-RTK sensor is also essential for real-time alerting.

In the standard configuration, one measurement value (3D) per hour for the GNSS antenna is generated. The achievable accuracy for the hourly solution depends on the observation conditions (number of satellites, multipath effects, distance to the reference station, etc.) and is about 1-2cm. The simultaneous generation of 4-, 12- and 24-hour solutions achieves accuracies in the range of a few millimetres.

In the version with solar power supply, the A08 Monitoring System delivers energetically autonomous, precise measurement data without manual intervention, all year round in almost any weather.

Fields of application:

  • Subsidence measurements of the earth's surface
  • Monitoring of embankments
  • Dam monitoring
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Monitoring of buildings

logo Deformation monitoring
Systematic measurements and permanent monitoring to detect significant displacements and changes in object geometry. Monitoring mass movements (e.g. landslides, surface subsidence, volume changes in an open cast mine or glacier flow) as well as structural movements of bridges, dams and tall buildings, etc. are just a few examples.
logo Environmental monitoring
Permanent monitoring of environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture etc. by connecting external sensors to the GNSS system.