Product news: A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL® with new features

We are constantly developing our products and services for our customers. For more flexibility and maximum precision, we have added two more useful functions to the Alberding A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL®, the latest addition to our product family, and the Alberding ALPOS® Service.

A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL® - now compatible with Apple iOS
The Alberding team has extended the data transmission via Bluetooth of the A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL®. With the latest firmware you can use up to three Bluetooth connections in the same time (1x Classic, 2x Low Energy). By integrating the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol, the A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL® now also transmits NMEA data wirelessly to smartphones or tablet PCs with Apple iOS operating systems. Compared to classic Bluetooth, BLE transmission profiles are predefined and the transmission power is reduced. The new firmware version is now available on request.

ALPOS® Service - In the future, use heights directly on the display
Until now, the A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL® has used the coarse-meshed geoid pre-integrated in the GNSS sensor to convert the ellipsoidal heights into service heights (DHHN2016). Due to a new functionality in the ALPOS® service, the A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL® will in future receive the geoid height of the location via the internet, related to the geoid published by the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG). The use height is immediately displayed on the ePaper display of the A08-RTK GEO-MICHEL®® stored internally according to the application or sent to a smartphone or tablet for further processing with an app. As soon as the new function is available, we will inform you as a user of the ALPOS® service.