Alberding joins ORMOBASS project consortium

The kick-off event for the European ORMOBASS - Operational R-Mode Baltic Sea System to support resilient navigation - research project took place in Berlin on 2 November 2023. Alberding participated as a project partner. The focus of the meeting was on getting to know each other and initial coordination of the work programme.

ORMOBASS aims to find solutions for maritime traffic in order to recognise and minimise disruptions or false signals from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). The introduction of the alternative R-mode technology, which is independent of satellite navigation, is intended to make maritime navigation more robust and safer, especially in particularly sensitive sea areas (PSSA) such as the Baltic Sea.

Over the next 36 months, 13 project partners from 6 countries will continue to expand the R-mode test area installed in the southern Baltic Sea towards the eastern Baltic Sea and ensure its operational use. The development of R-mode navigation receivers ready for series production for use on board and the associated standardisation are further tasks in the project. The implementation of an R-mode monitoring system for quality assurance of positioning is also planned. Alberding GmbH is involved in the development of the operating concept and the implementation of the R-Mode Baltic Sea system in operational use.

ORMOBASS is supported by the EU funding program Interreg Baltic Sea Region. It builds on the results of the two previous R-Mode Baltic projects. The ORMOBASS project is led by German Aerospace Center. Other project partners are: Federal Maritime & Hydrographic Agency of Germany, German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, Swedish Maritime Administration, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Fintraffic VTS ltd, Estonian State Fleet, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, National Institute of Telecommunications (Polen), Alberding GmbH (Deutschland), Gutec AB (Schweden), Kongsberg Discovery AS Seatex (Norwegen) und NavSim Poland Ltd. (Polen).