Alberding A07-MON telemetry and positioning system

System Description

The Alberding A07-MON telemetry and positioning system incorporates an L1 GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS) with raw data output, a GPRS modem, an integrated processor, and other components. The system is powered by the integrated Li-Po battery, which is charged via the mini-USB port.

Higher Accuracy through GNSS Raw Data Processing

The processing of the recorded GNSS raw data increases the position accuracy of the sensor. Currently, the A07-MON sensor is only offered for post-processing purposes and is used for permanent monitoring applications. The measurement data are automatically transferred to a server where they are evaluated with the AMoS software.

Data logger for external sensors

In addition to its own raw data, the A07-MON can also be used to store measurement data from external sensors. In the field, A07 sensors are used as data loggers for the measurement data of clinometers, weather stations and geotechnical sensors. The measurements are transferred to the server together with the GNSS raw data.