Alberding A10-RTK

Product information

One system - multiple applications

The integration of an embedded PC in the A10-RTK sensor is the key to flexible system customisation for diverse digitisation and automation tasks. While the integrated microprocessor controls the data transfer in the A10-RTK sensor, the software can perform more extensive calculations on the embedded PC. Currently, both software solutions from Alberding GmbH (e.g. EuroRef and EuroNet) and third-party software (e.g. BNC from the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy and SSR2OSR converter from Geo ++ GmbH) are supported.

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Examples of software applications on the integrated embedded PC:

  • Autonomous GNSS reference and monitoring station
    • RTK correction data provision
    • Monitoring of RTK services in the field
  • Enhanced GNSS rover functionality
    • Support of two different IP address domains, one for RTK correction data and another for GNSS positioning data
    • Switching between two correction data sources (e.g. mobile Internet and radio data transmission in the 70 cm band)
  • Integration of GNSS algorithms
    • GNSS data conversion (SSR→OSR, DataConv)
    • GNSS positioning algorithms (BNC, RTKLib)
  • Monitoring objects, buildings and embankments
    • Geomonitoring in engineering technology
    • Geofencing, machine monitoring
  • Sensor fusion
    • Combined data acquisition from GNSS and external sensors (EuroNet)
    • Combined analysis of GNSS and external sensor data
  • Project data transmission
    • Transmission of engineering project data (digital terrain model, station coordinates)
    • Transfer of agricultural management data (site-specific fertilisation)
  • Telemetry module with RTK
    • Data retrieval and transmission from agricultural and construction machines
    • Combination of telemetry and RTK