Alberding GNSS Status Software

Depending on the user application, EuroNet calls additional, external software modules responsible for data processing, modelling and statistical computations. The Alberding GNSS Status software has a variety of external modules, e.g. DGNSS/RTK positioning, real-time or post-processed PPP positioning, L1 VRS networking and real-time PPP-based troposphere modelling. Customer provided executables can also be integrated into the monitoring system.

  • DGNSS/RTK/PPP positioning service performance monitoring
    • Data availability and latency
    • Data completeness
    • Multipath, cycle slips, SNR, number of satellites, etc.
    • Positioning accuracy
    • Convergence time
  • External sensor data monitoring
    • Meteorological observations
    • Tilt sensor measurements
    • Geotechnical sensor readings
  • GNSS reference station coordinate stability monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of severe weather events
    • Tropospheric Zenith Total Delay (ZTD)
    • Integrated Water Vapour (IWV)