Alberding was adapted in different research projects to the requirements of the AtoN service providers. In addition to the basic system with web interface the following modules are available:

Generation of DGNSS correction data:

  • Correction data sources:
    • SBAS (e.g. EGNOS) with RTCA to RTCM conversion
    • Local GNSS reference station → Generation of RTCM from raw data
    • GNSS reference data streams → DGNSS networking module
    • RTCM correction data from external providers (e.g. RTK service providers)
  • Integrity check before transmission:
    • Pre-Broadcast Monitoring (PBM) with GNSS raw data streams
    • Generation of RTCM integrity flags
  • Formatting of different transmissions:
    • Radiobeacon (RTCM 2.x)
    • AIS (Message # 17, #8)
    • Internet (Ntrip)
    • Other data channels

Far Field Monitoring module:

  • Analysis of DGNSS positioning accuracy and signal availability via remote monitoring stations
  • Automatic generation of alerts


  • Backup solution for the generation of correction data at the transmitter
  • Pre-Broadcast monitoring
  • RTCA → RTCM conversion

Provision of waterway information (RIS):

  • Active provision of messages to the maritime sector (Notices to Skippers - NtS) and water level information
  • Transmission via AIS (Message #8)
  • Module for converting the message into a machine-readable format (ship)

Provision of RTK correction data:

  • Correction data via local base station or RTK service
  • Integrity check before transmission
  • AIS encoding via ASM (message #8)
  • Integrity information