News October 2021

GEO-MICHEL® - RTK in your hand

With the GEO-MICHEL®, Alberding GmbH from Wildau is expanding its product portfolio in the field of GNSS-based surveying systems. "Precision in positioning, flexibility in use, simplicity in handling and intelligence in the sensor" is how managing director Jürgen Alberding describes the features of his new GNSS sensor. The target group for the GEO-MICHEL® is primarily users who need a highly accurate position and do not come from a surveying background. "Paired with the right APP, for instance, the GEO-MICHEL® can also be interesting for surveyors", adds Jürgen Alberding.

The integration of an LTE module, a Li-Po battery, a memory and a processor distinguishes the sensor concept of the GEO-MICHEL® from other systems on the market. The sensor dials itself into the RTK correction data service and sends the cm-accurate positions wirelessly to the operator terminal. With the external Helix GNSS antenna, the GEO-MICHEL® can be operated on the survey pole or as a handheld RTK system.

In order to be able to offer customers optimum support, Alberding GmbH combines the GEO-MICHEL® with an m2m SIM card and the ALPOS® service. In addition to the Alberding AGIS software, other APPs can also be used in conjunction with the GEO-MICHEL®. The use of the GEO-MICHEL® without a terminal for post-processing or precise IoT applications is also possible.