News December 2021

Alberding GmbH continues to develop the navigation signs database of the WSV

Alberding GmbH will continue to support the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) in the maintenance and further development of the aids to navigation database over the next four years. The contract for the Europe-wide tender was awarded at the beginning of December 2021. Alberding GmbH took over an initial database version from the WSV in 2019 for further development and adapted it to new requirements.

The aids to navigation database is a specialist application of the WSV. The web application is used to record and maintain all fixed and floating navigation signs on German inland waterways. In order to indicate sudden dangerous situations, point and line-shaped virtual aids to navigation can be generated and made available to users via WSV services.

Via a standardised interface, data can also be transferred to other applications, for example to generate electronic inland navigation charts (IENC) or the digital federal waterway chart (DBWK2). In addition to the online system, an offline system with GNSS connection is available for the surveying of aids to navigation.