GNSS Data Management Software (Ntrip)

Ntrip is the primary international standard for GNSS data collection and correction dissemination over the Internet. Ntrip casters play a critical role in modern GNSS infrastructures and real-time correction services. It is therefore important that the accessibility of the caster server and the availability and consistency of the Ntrip data streams are continuously monitored. Alberding GmbH developed various tools for Ntrip monitoring.

Alberding-QC Checkstream is a dedicated Ntrip monitoring software module that runs independent from the Ntrip caster itself. This professional web-based application was designed to monitor the availability of Ntrip mountpoints on one or more Ntrip casters. The software can automatically send email/SMS alerts to warn service operators of a system malfunction. Checkstream is an Ntrip caster manufacturer independent solution, it can be used to monitor any kind of caster application on the market. Alberding-QC Checkstream can be purchased as a permanent Linux software licence. Alternatively, Alberding GmbH offers Checkstream as a service.

For those, operating an Alberding GNSS Data Management Software (Ntrip), we also provide a data stream monitoring option integrated into the caster web interface itself. This basic availability check function gives the most important information on the real-time and historic availability status of the Ntrip mountpoints. It is based on the internal information stored by the Alberding GNSS Data Management Software (Ntrip) and provides outage details and statistics for each individual data stream.

Some selected features:

  • Professional Ntrip caster monitoring solution.
  • Graphical and textual representation of Ntrip mountpoint availability.
  • Data format consistency and data content analysis.
  • Generation of availability statistics.
  • Export of availability reports in PDF format.
  • Automatic email/SMS alerts to operators.
  • NABU (Notice Advisory to Broadcaster Users) messages.